Hateful Bigot Bryan Fischer Calls Islam ‘The Ebola Virus Of Culture’ In Painfully Stupid Analogy (VIDEO)

American Family Association “spokesman” (he’s their spokesman in all but name) Bryan Fischer has a rocky relationship with reality, like most right-wingers. He’s on record as saying freedom of religion applies only to Christians, which was the claim that got him “removed” from his position with the AFA — so it shouldn’t surprise anyone Fischer is standing up to defend Trump’s call to deport Muslims.

Of course, he wouldn’t be Bryan Fischer without some creative word choice, and we have that in spades here, since he defended Trump’s plan by calling Islam the “ebola virus of culture.”

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Toxic Poison

Fischer told his audience on Friday it was imperative America “suspend Islamic immigration until we can figure out how to stop this toxic poison coming into this country.”

What poison was that? Fischer never defined it. He did, however, clarify “not . . . all Muslims are carriers,” but he never explained what it was some Muslims were carrying.

Whatever it was, it was like the ebola virus — remember that? Here’s a refresher: in late October, early November of 2014, America erupted in one of her trademark panics over the thought of Africans immigrating to the United States carrying ebola. The Republicans used it as a running platform, managed to pull off a victory, and then, almost immediately after the election, ebola fell off the face of the Earth.

The good news is WHO declared the outbreak over last month, and while there are cluster cases, there have been no new reports as of December 6. So the outbreak Americans cared about for all of two weeks is finally over.

Fischer seems to think Islam is like hemorrhagic fever:

We have got to suspend Islamic immigration. until we can figure out how to stop this toxic poison coming into this country. We’re not saying all Muslims are carriers of this toxic poison, but the problem is we don’t know who is a carrier and who is not. It’s like the Ebola virus. Remember when the Ebola virus hit? We simply banned travel from any country where there was an Ebola outbreak. We just said we cannot take the risk. Well, Islam is the Ebola virus of culture.

If Fischer is talking about Radical Islam, that’s all well and good, but the same thing can be applied to the type of radical Christianity Fischer, himself, embodies. Knowing that requires a modicum of self-awareness I’m not sure Fischer has, but just because he couldn’t pass a Turing test doesn’t make it any less true.

And speaking of poorly thought out claims, take a closer look at his analogy and it falls apart. The United States actually didn’t institute travel bans on individuals flying in from countries experiencing the ebola outbreak. We just filtered them through one of five airports where protocols for enhanced screening for ebola had been put in place.

Watch the video below:

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