HATE CRIME: Gay Man Attacked And Beaten In Miami Burger King Because Of Kiss (VIDEO)

Los Angeles, California native Jordan Schaeffer, and his boyfriend, Eric Danko, were vacationing in South Beach Maimi, Florida when they became a victim of an unprovoked assault inside a local Burger King restaurant. Schaeffer suffered cuts and bruises as well as a fat lip as a result of the attack, which was caught on the restaurant’s surveillance video.

We were going to Miami for a relaxing weekend, and it was traumatizing to be honest,” Schaeffer told CBS4’s Ted Scouten.

According to Schaeffer, the incident began after his assailant saw the victim and his boyfriend kiss inside the restaurant. The attacker began verbally assaulting the couple using homophobic slurs before he decided to get physical.

Trying to take my way out of it. There’s nowhere for me to go when I started walking forward. I was then slammed to the ground,” Schaeffer explained.

Schaeffer’s attacker may have had Mixed Martial Arts training as the video shows him tackling the victim using a maneuver many would call a “double leg” takedown.

Once I got slammed to the ground it’s kind of a blur. I was getting kicked, I was getting hit,” Schaeffer said.

After being slammed, Schaeffer somehow wound up on top of his attacker, at which point the man began to kick and strike his victim in the face using a martial arts move known as a “Leg Triangle” lock in Brazillian Ju-Jitsu.

During the assault, Danko can be seen in the video trying to assist his boyfriend and stop the attack, but another man in jeans and a long-sleeve white shirt pushes him away not allowing him to get close.

Schaeffer says the attack has left him traumatized.

It’s not right that anyone should suffer a hate crime and be a victim based off the person that they are,” Schaeffer said.

Meanwhile, Schaeffer’s attorney expressed concern that there have been fights at that Burger King location before, and the company has yet to provide security. Unlike most Burger King locations around the world, the South Beach location happens to be one of the brand’s limited “burger bars” which also serves alcoholic beverages.

We’re also concerned that there’s a location on Miami Beach that serves alcohol and has absolutely no security personnel whatsoever. There are no bar bouncers, there are no security,” Douglas Ede said.

Police are still looking for Schaeffer’s attacker and possibly the man who appeared to keep Danko from lending assistance to his boyfriend.

Here is a news report featuring surveillance footage of the attack.

Featured image mashup Screengrabs via CBSMiami.

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