GOP ‘Logic’ 101: We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood Because Men Can Go To Other Clinics (VIDEO)

The Republican Party just keeps proving they have no idea what the ell they are talking about when it comes to Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive health.

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards went in front of Congress and explained why it is important to continue funding the organization. During her appearance on front of the House, one member of the GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Dumbassville) showed the country how clueless his party really is.

The Milwaukee Republican said he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. His “logic”? If Planned Parenthood was gone, women wouldn’t notice — because he can bring his penis to a number of clinics!

In Grothmann’s own idiotic words:

As a guy, I could go to many clinics locally that have all the machines that one would need. All these clinics, as far as I know, take Medicaid dollars, so you could go to any of those clinics to get any medical service you could…I guess what I’m getting at is, in my opinion, if Planned Parenthood disappeared tomorrow in those towns, there would still be three or four or five clinics or hospitals providing all the medical care you would want.

Clearly, Grothmann doesn’t understand that a woman’s body is a lot different from a man’s body. So different, that we even have special doctors called gynecologists!

Richards explained to Grothmann that not every clinic offers reproductive health specialists, but the Republican wasn’t hearing it:

‘It would seem to me if Planned Parenthood clinics were not around in those cities, with the exception of a couple of abortion clinics, there would be three or four other clinics available to do any women’s health or men’s health or health of any nature whatsoever,’ Grothmann said. ‘Don’t you feel that’s true?’

Richards pointed out that Planned Parenthood served 65,000 people in his state in their 22 clinics, last year:

I think we’re the largest family planning provider of the network in Wisconsin, so that’s pretty hard to replace.


There is no way Planned Parenthood could just disappear and not be noticed. The organization operates more than 700 clinics nationwide and provide healthcare services to more than 2.7 million Americans every year. Some towns only have Planned Parenthood clinics, so closing them would leave thousands of people without access to crucial medical services.

The Republican Party doesn’t care that Planned Parenthood offers abortions; that’s just a smokescreen. Closing the clinics is just another battle in their war on women. You see, if they really cared about abortions, they’d do everything they could to PREVENT them — but they don’t. If they really cared about “life” they would feed and educate the children they force women to have — but, they don’t do that either.

Grothmann and his party should really keep their opinions to themselves; they really have no fecking idea what they are talking about.


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