George Takei Slams Muslim Registry: Japanese Internment Isn’t Precedent, It’s ‘Disgraceful’ (VIDEO)

Star Trek veteran turned activist George Takei is taking on Donald Trump’s Muslim registry and the notion that Japanese internment camps set a precedent for the heinous plan.

On Wednesday, Carl Higbie said that the period of Japanese internment serves as “precedent” for Trump’s proposed Muslim registry during an interview with Megyn Kelly. He argued that the registry would “pass Constitutional muster.”

“There is precedent for it,” he said.

Takei let his fury fly on Thursday when he spoke with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Takei was interned with his family when he was young and has never forgotten the horror. Now, he is doing all he can to make sure this atrocity is never repeated.

“It is not a precedent,” Takei told MSNBC. “It is the most disgraceful chapter of American history.”

“Registration of any group of people, and certainly registration of Muslims, is a prelude to internment,” he said later. “This is something that we cannot have happen again. It is dangerous and it is a moral bankruptcy. We’ve got to stand up and resist this, and I would urge all good Americans to write to your congressional representatives and the president-elect and tell them that this is not what we stand for as a nation.”

Watch Takei destroy the idea that Japanese internment is “precedent,” here:

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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