Fox Uses ISIL’s Threat To Kill Facebook CEO As Opportunity To Complain About Feds And Muslims (VIDEO)

Thursday, Fox New’s Mornings with Maria aired their coverage of the death threats recently issued by ISIL against Facebook and Twitters CEOs. However, less than half of the time was spent sharing information and the balance was mostly a hit job on Zuckerberg and the federal government that felt like GOP party line Islamophobia mixed with Bundy level anti-Government propaganda.

Captioned “FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on ISIS’ threats against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and efforts to shut down terrorists’ social media accounts.” The coverage that Jo Ling Kent seemed to be attempting to give was co-opted and skewed by the more seasoned Fox personalities, who made sure to mention more than once that Zuckerberg was “more concerned” with Muslim sensitivities at one point than security.

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The fact that both of these men responded to the government’s urging and are actively involved in keeping the world a safer place from terrorists seemed totally unimportant to these vultures, they just wanted to get in a few slams against the feds and Zuckerberg. The fact that they are now doing so with a direct threat from a grassroots terrorist organization was glossed because Zuckerberg promised to afford all Facebook the same level of privacy regardless of their religion (not to protect terrorist groups).

In fact, the coverage appeared to gloss Twitter’s CEO totally, only really mentioning him in the introduction.

The actions by the two CEOs have shown an actual impact on the ability of terrorist groups to grow and spread their messages on the social media platforms, and that is mentioned, but treated as if it were of little significance.

Leave it to FOX News to put out an editorialized propaganda message in the guise of a news report about two men who are actually doing something to keep us safe when they, as an organization, appear to be interested only in fanning the flames of Islamophobia and anti-government GOP bullsh*t.

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