Fox Pundit: ‘I Believe Jesus Is A Capitalist, Jesus Would Say Thank You For Making Money’ (VIDEO)

In light of the Pope’s visit to the United States, conservatives are showing America exactly what their version of Christianity is and it has nothing to do with Christ.

America’s conservatives, like millions of other Bible (and other religious text adherents) before them, do not believe in the scripture. They might believe that they will somehow magically be “saved” at their moment of death, but they do not follow the laws of the Bible. They follow the almighty dollar, exactly what Jesus hated.

The Pope, at least to Catholics, is supposed to be God’s man on the ground, but even Catholic conservatives are turning against the man who speaks about economic injustice. On Fox News, one pundit, Charlie Gasparino, on the Fox Business Network, said that Jesus was, in fact, a capitalist and that he would say “thank you for making money.” Surprisingly, Fox’s Neil Cavuto disagreed and said that Jesus wasn’t a capitalist. He came just short of calling him a communist instead.

Here’s that video:

Featured image via The Flying Guillotine

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