Fox News’ Rick Lowry On Trump: ‘Carly Cut His [email protected] Off’ During The Debate (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is demanding an apology from Fox News, after one of their contributors claimed Carly Fiorina cut Trumps testicles off during the last Republican Debate.

In a recent interview (seen below), the editor of the National Review told The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly:

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Let’s be honest: Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it.

Megyn Kelly choked down her laughter and told Lowry that he “couldn’t say that” but it was very obvious that she was amused. Trump, after all, has attacked her multiple times, because he can’t stand strong women.

Although Trumplistiltskin is supposedly “boycotting” Fox News because they treat him “unfairly,” he quickly jumped on Twitter and demanded an apology from the network his been lambasting in the media:

Rich Lowry responded to the loudmouth on Twitter:

My guess is that Trump will be waiting a very long time for that apology.

Watch Lowry’s comments below:

Featured image via video screenshot

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