Fox News Legal ‘Expert’: Voting Is A ‘Privilege,’ But Guess What He Says Is A ‘Right’ (VIDEO)

California has passed legislation that will automatically register residents to vote when they obtain or renew their driver’s license, and conservatives are not too happy. One of those conservatives, retired judge Andrew Napolitano, sat down to talk about the new law, and voting in general, with Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy. The comments in the conversation range from offensive to ridiculous.

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Doocy, who will never be accused of being one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, starts of the conversation by actually using the term “illegal people.” He says that “critics warn the measure could add millions of illegal people to the [voter] rolls.” He points out that California doesn’t require proof of citizenship for you to get a driver’s license, and says to Napolitano, “That’s a problem, isn’t it?”

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Conservatives have long been suggesting that the reason Democrats are winning elections because many of the people who are voting for them aren’t actually eligible to vote. Unfortunately for them, almost every one of the rare times someone is charged with vote fraud, it’s a Republican. But with California joining Oregon in this new registration process, Fox News is once again feeding their viewers’ belief that thousands, maybe even millions, are voting illegally.

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But Doocy’s conversation with Napolitano really comes off the rails when they start talking about court rulings on “rights.” Remember as you listen that Napolitano is a former judge. After the ever idiotic Doocy brings up the “right to drive” as a comparison to the right to vote, Napolitano says this:

You know, there’s a lot of debate without getting too academic about what the right to vote is. Is it a fundamental right that comes from our humanity like thought and speech and association and worship and self-defense? Or is it a privilege given by the government? In my view, the Supreme Court has wrongly said it’s a fundamental right.

The right to vote was guaranteed in the Constitution to white male landowners over the age of 21, and through constitutional amendments that right has been expanded several times, until it reached where it is today: all citizens over the age of 18, with certain limited exceptions, have the right to vote.

But according to Andrew Napolitano, the rights guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments — speech, association, worship, “self-defense” (read GUNS!) — those are actual “rights,” that come from “our humanity.” But voting, which is spelled out in the Constitution itself, that is a “privilege given by government.”

Here’s the dialog between Doocy and Napolitano, via Fox News/Media Matters:

Featured image via Fox News/Media Matters screen capture

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