Fox ‘News’ Jingoist Warmongers: U.S. Military And Chris Kyle ‘Have Saved The Planet’ (VIDEO)

Let’s get something straight – killing human beings is never something that should be glorified, not even when it’s during a war. That’s one thing Fox News and “American Sniper” subject, Chris Kyle, have failed to understand.

To do so makes you either a psychopath, a full-on warmongering jingoist, or both.

Only by fully adopting the crown of imperialism would one believe so strongly in an “us vs. them” mentality that one could dehumanize another person, or group of people, to the extent of actually celebrating the death or murder of another. Even then it’s far from something to be proud of by any means, regardless. In fact, that puts one no higher than a common street mugger who is not afraid to kill to get what he or she wants.

That is, in essence, the global imperialistic agenda of the United States — processed, packaged, and sold to each American like a Quarter Pounder with cheese with an extra-large helping of “freedom fries.”

You don’t kill and take your neighbor’s lawnmower because you need to cut your own lawn, and the United States should not do so in order to secure the resources it needs from other countries in order to pretend at its “freedom,” “diplomacy” and global “policing.” America has participated in no war since the Revolutionary War that was a direct fight for freedom and independence.

Every war since then has been for political positioning related to economics, resources and power. Every war since then has been a bloody robbery that’s gone too far in order for the United States to appear the holy saint, superhero of the world, when in fact it has been the criminal mastermind at least as far back as WWII, if not earlier, in order to get what it wants for the sake of its own selfish security, power and wealth – the rest of the world be d*mned.

That’s what Fox News and Chris Kyle conveniently forget, or overlook in order to sell soft-minded Americans on American exceptionalism and that grand old American Dream. They’ve done their best to convince us we are the chosen ones because we allege “freedom” as our foundation. And as we press our “freedom” upon the rest of the world like an eager vacuum salesperson at the door sensing a potential sale, we stuff our pockets with the silverware while we wait for the buyer to find a checkbook.

And unfortunately, there are enough soft-headed Americans about today that vacuum sales are going through the roof. That’s how a film like “American Sniper” becomes the number one movie in the nation. Folks like the late Chris Kyle write books full of glorification, exaggeration and outright lies in order to sell people on the romanticism of killing in the name of the king – capitalism, lord and god of American culture and politics. And the media, propaganda machine only reinforces that pitch at every turn of the dial.

That’s why, as they say, the revolution will not be televised. That’s why it takes people like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen to take courage into their own hands and speak against the crown’s golden arches. And the fact that the right-wing goes all 2001 ape-sh*t all over it should only show the public where the Republican Party (and the Tea Party) stand. They stand with violent imperialism, which is why Michael Moore added that last little quip to the tweet that’s gotten him in the midst of the right wing’s bullseye:

And invaders r worse[.]

Because the United States is, and has been for the longest time, an invasive country. We invade, we take, we rape and kill, we destroy and pay ourselves to rebuild in order to appear to be the “good guys” – all in the name of aiding “liberation,” “democracy” and “freedom” around the world — all while churning out such jingoistic bullsh*t like “American Sniper.” All while the mush-headed general public laps it up like intellectual antifreeze put out for the dogs.

And how does the media respond to someone like Michael Moore, who speaks out against the disgraceful, embarrassing propaganda tsunami currently sweeping the country? Just take a look at Sunday’s Fox and Friends on Fox News and see for yourself.

Co-douche Tucker Carlson stated on the show:

Michael Moore is now this theologian, citing Jesus in every public statement. I don’t remember him citing Jesus on abortion or gay marriage, do you?

Right. It might be tough to recall Jesus talking about smartphones, hovercrafts and electricity, too.

Carlson then rambled off-point in order to sneak in additional weak jabs at Moore as part of his pathetic teardown, talking about the “Christian left” not getting much attention and offering:

BOY are they annoying.

Co-wh*re Charles Payne jumped in like he’d been invited to a threesome with J. Edgar Hoover:

Yeah, also known as atheists.

Bwahahahaha! Get that man to the Improv, stat!

But surely readers can see, clearly, how these media suckfish lick the boot heels of imperialism, right? Tear down those who speak out against the king. Align them with immoral, godless lifestyles in order to marginalize and dismiss them.

Payne continued to flash the man behind the curtain in chasing after Moore while praising one of the king’s hitmen:

When Michael Moore and these guys make these kinds of comments, it takes it completely out of context. It’s a pretty simple thing, you watch the movie, he saved American lives. And he went through a tough struggle to do it, but it was a job that had to be done.

Oh, really? Was it really a job that “had to be done?” It just had to be done? Perhaps Payne could be pained enough to explain why the Iraq War “had to be done.” Certainly, there are many who would love to hear that highly debatable justification.

Payne then continued to fall all over himself like McCarthy outing a red-handed Commie before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, slobbering up Kyle’s honor by stating how the U.S. military keeps the entire rest of the planet out of “abject poverty.”

Through that broken, hollow logic, Payne gave Kyle credit for “saving the planet.”

If it wasn’t for Americans dying around the world, the rest of the world would be in abject poverty. We have saved the planet, and if we go away as policeman, it’s going to be hell to pay for everyone.

Yes, seriously. Just like New York City fell apart after the police there threw their temper tantrums and slowed down their work to a virtual halt in order to “punish” Mayor de Blasio?

If this ruse were rouge, you’d be looking at Elmo. Is that not the biggest case of horsesh*t God-complex you’ve ever heard of in your life? We f*ck the rest of the world out of their resources through violence and/or mafia-style “diplomacy,” send countless other countries into “abject poverty,” throw them a bone in order to call ourselves the saviors for PR purposes and end up having to “police” the world not to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of the world, but to protect our properties and interests in their countries.

It’s the same as a Walmart coming in, killing all the local mom and pop businesses, sending much of an entire town into “abject poverty,” but then puts in a nice green park somewhere in town in order to look like it gives a damn about the people in that community – all while making money hand over fist as the workers and unemployed go hungry. Wake up, friends. Michael Moore is waving the ammonium beneath your noses.

You need only breathe.

“American Sniper” is a film based off of a book that glorifies cold-hearted violence and straight-up murder. Chris Kyle may have been a great marksman, but let’s not confuse the matter. He was a killer, and the puddingheads adore him because he was our killer, and he was a good one. He even enjoyed doing it, so no one had to feel bad for him carrying that burden. He was what folks like to dream about being that all-‘Merican badd*ss, but much of that was based on an exaggeration and lies. Just ask Jesse Ventura.

What is there to admire in a man who killed for the king, who bragged about sniping American citizens from the top of the Superdome in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Whether that is true or just another lie, the one thing that has become clear in the midst of the success of “American Sniper” is that the United States is a country that’s long been sharpening its stick at both ends. We have become The Lord of the Lies, and all the world is our Piggy.

If only we could find our glasses.

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