Fox News Hosts Nearly Come To Blows After One Tells The Truth About Fox News (VIDEO)

Things seem to be getting a little testy at times over at Fox News these days. Could it be that a few of their employees have managed to find at least a little bit of journalistic integrity and that they’ve had enough of lying for the “fair and balanced” network? Or could it be that battle lines over which Republican candidate to support are being drawn? Whatever it is, things seem to be heating up at Fox, as the video below illustrates.

The conversation on the Fox show The Five was about Donald Trump, and the other GOP candidates. Things seemed to be going pretty smoothlyuntil Fox’s resident ambush journalist and general smartass, Jesse Watters, makes a comment about President Obama, who he calls “a skinny community organizer.”

Geraldo Rivera, asks Watters, “Is that how you refer to your president? That’s disrespectful.” The whole scene devolves from there.

Rivera compares comments about immigration to a “cheap drug.” He says that the “quick high” that Trump has gotten from his immigration remarks won’t last long, but the fallout from them will dog him.

Watters comes back at Rivera by bringing up one of the stories Fox is currently using to bash the president: the Kate Steinle murder. Watters’ coverage of that story while working for Bill O’Reilly had already angered regular Fox guest Bernard Goldberg, and now he has irritated Rivera, too. Rivera tells Watters that exploiting the suffering of the Steinle family is “the cheapest shot of all.”

At this point, Eric Bolling jumps in to agree with Watters. Rivera says again that Trump’s remarks, and Fox’s coverage of them, are both “exploiting and sensationalizing” the immigration situation.

“From a guy who exploits and sensationalizes everything,” Bolling says to Rivera.

“You’re lucky you’re my friend, I’d knock you out right now,” Rivera replies.

Now THAT would be great TV!

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via screen capture from Fox News

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