Fox News ‘Expert’: Transgenderism Leads To People Picking Their Own Race (VIDEO)

He has been kind of quiet in recent weeks, but on April 13, Dr. Keith Ablow returned to Fox News with more of his psychobabble nonsense. Judging by some of his past comments, Ablow’s job at the “fair and balanced” fairly unbalanced network seems to be telling viewers that it’s ok to be the racist, misogynist, xenophobes and homophobes that many of them are. This time he hit the proverbial two birds with one stone.

The segment starts out with host Steve Doocy talking about Rachel Dolezal, who was allegedly born to white parents but who has lived much of her life as a black woman, saying “I identify as black.” Dolezal has been back in the news recently because of a new book she has written. She told Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show that she still identifies as black, and that she has no regrets. Doocy says that what Dolezal is doing is “race fraud,” and brings in Ablow to talk about it.

Ablow questions Dolezal’s motives for identifying as black, and says that she must be delusional — because in the Fox News world, who in their right mind would want to give up white privilege by identifying as black? After Doocy responds that Dolezal says there is no proof that the white people who claim to be her parents are actually her parents, this is what Ablow has to say:

Well, so here’s the new world order. According to this woman, she is African-American. You can’t believe that she was born of her parents. This is called disassembling reality. Now, in psychiatry, you call that a delusion. In some sectors of our culture, you call that choice.

The interplay between Doocy and Ablow is so transparent that you can see what is coming next a mile away. Doocy obeserves that “you can’t choose your race.” Ablow replies,

Of course you can’t. I’m here as a psychiatrist and as a human being to tell you of course you can’t. But there are people and they’re Democrats and liberals and they’re people who would say ‘yes you can.’ And I’ve been told by lawyers I consult that ‘hey, if I think I’m 65 and I say my entire self-concept is that of a 65 year-old, can I get Medicare,’ and the lawyers that told me, ‘you know what, you’d have a case’ because of women like this, right, and because of other case law relating to transgenders. If you say that you’re female, you have to be treated in some states as a female. If I say I’m 65, why am I not 65? Why are you committing ageism against me?

Then Ablow has to brag a bit:

Who was the first human being in the world to say that transgenderism would pave the way for people to declare their own races? Dr. Keith Ablow. I warned about it.

Gender and race are important to people like Ablow and the folks he hangs around with at Fox. Race allows Fox viewers to distinguish “dangerous rioting urban thugs” from “silly drunken college revelers.” Gender allows them to know who should be listened to and shown respect, versus who should be told to keep quiet, clean up the kitchen and produce another baby on demand. When you start blurring the lines of race and gender, how can Fox viewers know who they are supposed to look down on?

Here are Ablow’s comments, via Fox News:

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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