Fox Hosts Compile List Of ‘Most Biased’ News Coverage In 2014. Yes, Really. (VIDEO)

Fox News wants everyone to know that there is bias in the media. And, to highlight that bias, “Fox and Friends” decided to recognize the “most biased reporting” of 2014. Of course, since we’re talking about “Fox and Friends,” the whole segment was one hilarious “FAIL.”

The segment aired on the December 30, “Fox and Friends.” Missing from the curvy couch are regulars Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, and, in their place, is perennial senate candidate Scott Brown. Brown joins regular morning distorter Elisabeth Hasselbeck to present the stories that Fox News had decided were the worst examples of media bias in 2014. Joining the two in the video is Genevieve Wood, from The Daily Signal.

For those not familiar, The Daily Signal is one of the media outlets of the right-wing Heritage Foundation. So, obviously there was no bias when it came to Fox’s picking out bias. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) Wood was one of 40 judges who picked out the “liberal media’s worst offenders” for a yearly list compiled by the Media Research Center. If you’re not familiar with that one, all you need to know is that it is run by a guy named Brent Bozell, who once compared President Obama to a “skinny, ghetto crackhead.”

If you consider Scott Brown to be the first “fail” of the video, the second one follows quickly, in the form of the graphic at the bottom of the screen. That graphic reads “Worst of the Worst! Ranking the most bias [sic] reporting of 2014.” Not biased. “Bias.” Fail number two.

OK. Preliminaries out of the way, here is the news coverage that your right-wing relatives will be telling you was biased, because Fox told them so.

Wait for it…”BENGHAZI!”

The first “award” the group dishes out is called the “Nothing to See Here” award. This one goes to CNN’s Jeff Zucker, because he had the audacity to suggest to the New York Times  that there was no “there” there in the Benghazi story.

Wood tells Brown and Hasselbeck that “were it not for Fox News, [Benghazi] would have gotten no coverage in the mainstream media.”

What a shame that a Republican led House committee that investigated the incident agrees with CNN’s Zucker: the Obama administration had not intentionally misled the public on what happened, and that there had been no “stand down” order given to military assets during the attack. Both claims that Fox News has relentlessly stoked.

Obamacare, the “job killer,” isn’t killing jobs?

The next award, called the “Spinning the Facts” award, goes to Scott Pelley of CBS News. Pelley committed the unpardonable sin of saying something positive about Obamacare.

On the February 4, 2014, broadcast of the CBS Evening News, Pelley did a story about a Congressional Budget Office report that said that about two million Americans would not be taking full-time jobs because of Obamacare. Pelley pointed out, accurately, that those jobs were not being “lost,” but were largely from workers “choosing to work less.”

Republicans had a field day with the CBO report, claiming that it was “proof” that what they had been saying about the Affordable Care Act was coming true; that it was a “job killer.” Not so fast, said the Washington Post.

Also on February 4, the Washington Post did a story on the same topic, titled “No, CBO did not say Obamacare will kill 2 million jobs.” The report, in the paper’s “Fact Checker” column, observes that some people may choose to work less, in order to keep the subsidies they receive to help pay for their health insurance. In other words, those people are taking themselves out of the full time job market. It has nothing to do with jobs being “lost,” or workers being forced to work part time. The Washington Post’s fact checker gave Republican claims about this “three Pinocchios.”

Wood’s explanation of why Pelley was wrong would make Sarah Palin proud. She says,

We all know what happened here was that Obamacare said basically, if you work a certain number of hours a week, over 30-something hours, you may end up losing your healthcare coverage. Employers aren’t going to have to provide it. So businesses, and a lot of other companies said look, we’re going to reduce worker hours. And many workers said, wait, I’ve got to choose now between getting health care, and having a full time job, so let me just go with the health care, and sit at home.

Huh? Wood has literally everything wrong in her statement. First, companies are required to provide health coverage for full time workers, not part time workers. Second, the claim that Obamacare has made companies cut workers’ hours to avoid that mandate, which seems to be really what Wood was trying to say, has been roundly disproven. A September, 2014 report from the Urban Insitute says the claim is false.

CNN should stop picking on the Palins.

Remember the “Wasilla Hillbillies” incident? Brown, Hasselbeck, and Wood think it is just terrible that CNN’s Carol Costello would be amused by Bristol Palin’s recount of the event to the police. That earns Costello the “Classless Award.”

“Gosh, how personally aggressive can you get?” Hasselbeck asks.

Wood agrees, and observes that Carol Costello is not a political contributor, but is a “news anchor.” Apparently they all had forgotten about how one of Fox’s “straight news” people, Brit Hume, said in April 2014, that Attorney General Holder, and President Obama use race as “a sword” to “attack others.” Did someone say “personally aggressive?”

Besides, who doesn’t break into a smile at the mere mention of the Palin name these days? To quote right wing comedian Larry the Cable Guy, “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.”

A tasteless tweet, and a grain of truth, destroyed.

Politico’s Roger Simon wins the “Twisted Tweets” award for a tweet about Texas governor Rick Perry’s sending national guard troops to the Mexican border. Simon’s tweet, saying that Perry was sending troops to the border to “shoot children,” was in bad taste. But the Fox News crew couldn’t just let it rest there. Wood says that she is from Texas, and that Governor Perry sent troops to secure the border, “which President Obama would not do.”

It seems that in July, 2013, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed that President Obama had increased border security and patrols. Politifact looked into her statement, and rated it “mostly true.” So, in their ongoing desire to ridicule President Obama over anything and everything, the group managed to turn a tasteless, unfunny tweet into yet another lie.

Now we know what the folks at Fox News think are the “worst of the worst” when it comes to media bias. What a shame the curvy couch crew didn’t take a minute to review even some of the outright lies they tossed out to their viewers over the same time period.

Here, for a good laugh, is the video, via Fox News:

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