Fox Host: Maybe President Obama Used An Onion To Help Him Tear Up During Gun Speech (VIDEO)

President Obama held his anticipated press conference on Tuesday morning, to announce the executive actions he plans to take to address gun violence. During the course of his remarks, the president visibly teared up as he spoke about Americans who have fallen victim to random shootings. It was the reaction you would expect from any human being with compassion for his fellow citizens, and a desire to do something to stop the madness.

But in the crazy alternate universe of Fox News, the president’s tears were some sort of cynical political ploy. The cast of characters on the Fox show “Outnumbered” had nothing but scorn and ridicule for the president. (I know, so what else is new?)

Host, Melissa Francis gets the ball rolling, with this comment:

What was really upsetting was the tears that he wiped away again and again. You want that for — I mean, we feel frightened about what’s going on with ISIS. And he can’t pull that kind of passion for anything about this.

Two things. First of all, Americans are not being killed by the hundreds by ISIS, or terrorists in general. That’s what Fox News wants you to believe, but it’s just not true. In fact, terrorists could largely leave Americans alone — we’re doing a pretty good job of killing each other without their help. Second, let’s suppose the president spoke about ISIS, and he DID tear up. You can write the Fox talking points on that one without too much effort.

But it is host Andrea Tantaros, who like that leader of the “mean girls” in high school, always looks like she just smelled something disgusting, who really wins the prize for stupidity in this conversation. Tantaros just can’t believe that the president’s tears are real because she doesn’t get why he didn’t speak out about gun violence a long time ago.

This is how many years? Almost eight years, he’s almost at the end of his term. And you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and really speak out about this issue, and he is uniquely poised to do so. But everything he is doing won’t solve the problem. So I would check that podium for like a raw onion or some No More Tears. It’s not really believable. And the award goes to… we are in awards season.

It’s called being fed up, Andrea. The president’s tears come from the fact that the people you support have done NOTHING, not even the tiniest little step, to try and address gun violence. Whenever one of these horrific shootings occurs, the phrase we all hear from Republicans and Fox News is “mental health.” According to Mother Jones, one of the president’s plans is to put $500 million into mental health services. And now you say that won’t solve the problem.

Surprisingly, Meghan McCain, who occasionally is a voice of reason on the right, agrees with Tantaros, in that Fox News “open ended statement” sort of way: ““It [Obama’s tears] just didn’t seem horribly authentic. And maybe it is, I don’t know him at all.”

Tantaros has said ridiculous and disgusting things before. But to suggest that the president used an onion to produce crocodile tears may be as low as she has ever sunk. If she sinks any further into the mire, she’s going to run into Ann Coulter.

Here’s the video, via RawStory/YouTube:

Featured image via RawStory/YouTube screen capture

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