Fox Host: Cosby’s Victim Might Be Partly To Blame For Her Own Rape (VIDEO)

While Bill Cosby’s idea of consent is completely wrong, insinuating that the victim may bear some responsibility for her own assault is equally disturbing — if not more.

Gregg Jarret, a Fox News host, recently suggested that the victim may have weakened the case for the prosecutors by willingly taking pills.

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The problem with the alleged victim here is, she willingly took the pills. She willingly took the wine. Does she bear some responsibility, and does that undercut the criminal charges against Bill Cosby?

It absolutely does not make her responsible for the acts committed against her and it is disgusting to even imply it. If the victim is unconscious, incoherent or even slightly impaired, it’s best to just keep it in your pants. In a deposition given in 2005, Cosby admitted to giving women drugs in order to have sexual intercourse with them and admits forcing himself on them without being certain that they had given consent. That’s rape! So while the victims were too impaired to know what he was doing, he was fully aware of the acts he was going to commit.


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