Fox Guest To Michelle Obama: Don’t Complain About Racism Because Whites Hired You For Your Black Skin

On Tuesday’s edition of  Fox & Friends, Fox contributor (and well-known nitwit) Angela McGlowan argued that the only reason First Lady Michelle Obama received her acceptance letter from Princeton was because of “affirmative action.”

Focusing on  Michelle Obama’s recent commencement speech to Tuskagee University, (in which she shared her experiences of racial prejudice to the graduating class) McGlowan tells co-host Elizabeth Hasslebeck that the speech was “racially charged.” She says:

I think that so many people are critical of her because her husband has used race to divide this country.

In the “debate,” she then adds:

By the way, why didn’t the first lady share that the reason she got into Princeton was probably because of affirmative action?

You would think this woman has said enough demeaning and ignorant remarks to the First Lady; no, she doesn’t stop there.

“The reason she became an associate at a law firm was probably because of diversity, that they needed a woman, and a woman of color,” Mcglowan said.

In other words, Michelle Obama didn’t get into a prestigious school or successful firm because of her hard work and determination, but because these associations needed more black people to avoid being called racist. Well, if that was the case any bum om the street would receive offers and acceptance letters; not because of their amazing accomplishments, but because of their black skin. It’s obvious that this so-called “debate” has no depth or intelligent commentary, but then again, do we expect anything more from Fox News?

Watch the clip courtesy of Media Matters, below:

Featured image: video screenshot 

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