Former Republican CIA Chief Blasts Trump For Inviting Russia To Help Him Defeat Hillary (VIDEO)

It just doesn’t take a lot of brains at all to realize that inviting a foreign country, especially one that is not one of our allies, to help you win an election is bad. Donald J. Trump did it anyway. He has drawn stark criticism not only from his political opponents but from Republicans as well, including the former Cheif of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the NSA (National Security Agency).

Former CIA and NSA Chief Mike Hayden was not shy about expressing his opinion of the heinous act. Saying that no matter which emails he was referring to, either private or State Department, Trump is either petitioning a foreign government to commit espionage or to violate the privacy of an individual. His conclusion, a spitballed “perhaps,” is that Trump may just not have any clue what he is doing. As he is running for president, that is frightening as all get out and far too easy to believe.

When a former CIA and NSA chief who is literally on Trump’s side can’t even imagine how someone who knew what they were doing well enough to run a country could make such a grievous, treasonous suggestion to a foreign power, that is saying something. What it says is what we have all understood, but somehow haven’t been able to unite behind: Donald Trump is a menace, a destructive force with no idea what he is doing.

Leon Panetta, also a former CIA director, was even clearer, Trump is “unfit” to be president:

There are many more speaking out against this obvious and asinine comment, one compounded into insanity by the fact that just moments later Trump’s own campaign threatened Russia with consequences should they have been involved in the hack. It was also thrown into the surreal when following questions about Trump’s connections to powerful Russian Oligarchs, suddenly Trump’s campaign decided that his tax information will remain private in perpetuity. Because we are just supposed to take their word for it?

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It’s like the Trump ticket represents a constantly dueling narcissistic yin/yang of hate, a bad cop/stupid bad cop duo with dubious celebrity and a vacuous self-entitlement that defies reason. Yet, now, despite this, Trump/Pence has opened a lead on Hillary Clinton.

Let’s lay it out, shall we? Hillary Clinton is a better choice for president any day of the week and twice on Sundays. She has a history and many people dislike her, but when you list pros and cons of the two major party candidates (one of which WILL win, to deny this is to deny reality) Trump’s cons are clearly higher. He is not capable of leading this nation, period, and even if you don’t like her, Hillary Clinton is.

It is as simple as determining who you would like on a relay race team with you when your choices are FloJo (Florence Griffith Joyner) or Chris Christie and you get fed to sharks if you lose.

This entire debacle just goes to show, if you couldn’t justify giving an orangutan a hand grenade in a classroom, you can’t really justify voting in any way that would give Trump a chance at winning this election. It is still your choice, and you should vote your conscience, these events should play into that decision.

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