Florida Cop Violently Throws Elderly Homeless Man Down And Smacks Him For Wanting To Use Bathroom

Abuse by trigger-happy and completely out-of-control cops seems to be quotidian these days. Maybe it’s due to the increasing sophistication of smartphone camera capabilities and the speed with which they can be uploaded for all to see. But considering how more people were killed by police in a tiny American town than by police in both England and Germany combined, it’s pretty clear there’s a major problem with policing.

Most recently, a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday shows a Fort Lauderdale, Florida police officer clearly harassing and assaulting an elderly gentleman at the Broward Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale. If you watch the video,  you’ll see that the man is not acting especially aggressive or threatening when he’s violently shoved to the ground and slapped by the officer. One might think that the man was wielding a cleaver and shouting obscenities, but it seems all he was trying to do was use the bathroom.

“The guy didn’t raise his hand to the officer at all,” a witness told Local 10 News. “The officer just knocked him down with his hands. The guy was defenseless.” (FreeThoughtProject)

Unless the guy was using the bathroom to communicate with ISIS, than there’s absolutely no reason why he should be assaulted for wanting to take a leak. The saddest thing is that people simply have to sit by idle and record this police abuse, as they can’t interfere and risk arrest or assault themselves. Watch for yourself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFR-cUgnDJQ?rel=0]

Making the story more troublesome (and the cop extra di*kish) is the fact that the abused man was found to be homeless, according to Local 10 News. Witnesses say he was merely trying to go into the terminal to use the restroom when the cop, a one Officer Victor Ramirez, began harassing him.  It seems Ramirez told Bruce Laclair, the homeless man, to leave. However,  the older gentleman informed the officer he was just going to use the bathroom first.

“I’m telling you right now, you’re not going to go pee,” the officer says before shoving Laclair to the ground.  The out of control officer is then seen slapping the harmless man across the face.

“I’m not f**cking around with you.  Don’t f**king touch me. Don’t f**cking touch me.” Ramirez is heard saying before arresting the man seemingly for just trying to use a restroom.  (FreeThoughtProject)

Criminalizing homelessness in Florida seems to be a recurring theme. It first began when a 90 year-old man was arrested back in November for simply feeding the homeless. The latest example, although different circumstances, still shows a despicable attitude towards the lesser off. It’s only a matter of time before Congressional Republicans seek to make beating the homeless an official policy.

H/T: FreeThoughtProject|Featured Image via Youtube Screengrab


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