Fathers Talking To Their Gay Children Will Brighten Your Father’s Day (VIDEO)

Gay or straight, it’s scary to confront your parents with the reality that who you are is different from who their idea of you is.

Of course, most parents love their children unconditionally, but occasionally, a child (even an adult child) is faced with parent who can’t love them as they are, and sometimes even with their parents cutting off contact.

Psychology Today notes that coming out to parents isn’t always a good idea. If parents are homophobic, potentially physically abusive, might cut off support or kick children out of the house or if a child’s gut tells them not to come out, then certainly, don’t.

For those who do choose to come out, though, it can help bring them closer to their parents. Secrets can be a wedge in a relationship and honesty can shatter that wedge. The best parents will know, or at least suspect and they’ll be relieved that their child trusts them enough to be honest.

Upworthy put together an inspiring video of stories of adult children who, at some point, had come out to their fathers. Each one of the father/child pair is loving and supportive. More importantly, they are honest with each other. With almost all of them, it’s surprising to know that the father always knew their child was gay.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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