Father Of Three Wouldn’t Let Cops Search His House Without A Warrant, Now He’s Dead

A North Carolina man is dead following a confrontation with sheriff’s deputies that by all accounts was instigated by the deputies.

33-year-old John Livingston, a father of three, was at home in the trailer he shared with his roommate, Clayton Carroll, when Harnett County sheriff’s department officers arrived at 3:40 a.m. The deputies allegedly said that they were conducting an assault investigation.

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The deputies were looking for someone who no longer lived in the residence. They asked Livingston if they could search the trailer. He told them that they could not, unless they had a search warrant, and closed the door. Carroll says that the next thing he knew, one of the deputies was kicking down the door.

Carroll says that a deputy jumped on Livingston. He was sprayed with mace and tased. In the end, deputies shot Livingston six times. He died on the deck outside his trailer. Livingston did not have a weapon.

The names of the deputies involved have not been released. All have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Friends describe Livingston as a kind and friendly man who was a good carpenter.

There are several questions that police must answer about this story. What police force conducts an “assault investigation” in the middle of the night? Why were the officers really there? Did these officers miss the part of their training that told them that they cannot enter a residence without the owner’s permission, unless they have a warrant? When John Livingston closed the door, that should have been the end of the story.

Here’s a report on what transpired, via WNCN:

Featured image via WNCN screen capture

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