Family Of Transgender Student Responds To Obama’s Directive To Public Schools (VIDEO)

By now we’ve all heard of President Obama’s heroic directive to all states to allow students of public schools to use the restroom of the gender that they identify with. This directive has sparked varied reactions, the loudest of which are negative. Perhaps the most publicized opposition has come from Texas politicians participating in the Texas Republican Convention this week.

Before news of Obama’s intentions broke, Greg Abbott had already made his position crystal clear when he took the stage in Dallas on Thursday saying he had every intention of defending North Carolina’s discriminatory bathroom law.

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Not everyone feels like Governor Abbott. In fact, one Texas family is speaking out about the positive impact that having the power to choose has had on their transgender 2nd grader.

Amber Briggle’s son was born a girl but as early as age 2 he was already telling her, “Mom I’m a boy. I like Spider-Man and I’m a boy.” The supportive parents let their child cut his hair short and wear the clothes he wanted, but everyone still called him a girl.

When he was in first grade, his parents discovered that he hadn’t been using the restroom at all during school hours. He was so uncomfortable using the girls bathroom that he would hold it all day and because of it his grades suffered and he was very depressed.

He didn’t feel comfortable using the girls’ bathroom anymore, but he didn’t know if he was allowed to use the boys’ bathroom. So, he would just hold it all day and he couldn’t concentrate, his grades were slipping, he was acting out. It was just heartbreaking,” said Briggle.

Amber finally decided to call the school for help and they immediately responded positively, allowing her son to use the boys restroom. The changes in him were almost instant, with his grades improving tremendously. Now he’s a happy well-adjusted child.

Once we solved the bathroom problem, there have not been any incidents at school with him, with his peers, with the teachers, with the parents, with the school board,” said Briggle.

The Briggle’s were understandably overwhelmed when they heard of Obama’s directive, and Amber said she “almost wanted to cry.”

Being from Texas myself, having to witness the bigotry and hatred that I see on a daily basis, this story is very powerful to me because it means that there is hope for us yet. No matter what our Governor and his minions preach, no matter what they threaten, some of our schools are still willing to stand up for the children.

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