Facial Hair Equals ‘Terrorist’ According To Bearded Fox Guest (VIDEO)

Ah, the kids at Fox News. Every time you think you couldn’t possibly hear them say something dumber than the last dumb thing you heard, they outdo themselves.

On the December 14 edition of the Fox Business Channel show “Making Money With Charles Payne,” one of the Fox News regulars, former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl offered his idea for profiling potential terrorists. He said,

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You know what, I’m sorry, we gotta start profiling. We gotta start profiling when people act like a terrorist, when people start growing that facial hair, and start growing that facial hair around their chin.

“Growing that facial hair?” Folks, I present to you, Richard “Bo” Dietl:

via Saltconference.com

via Saltconference.com

Is Bo Dietl a potential terrorist? I report, you decide.

Maybe the funniest thing about Dietl’s comments is that he actually touches his beard as he makes them. Do these people even listen to themselves? Apparently not.

Dietl also talks about profiling people he calls “Middle Eastern guys.” That brings a response from Payne’s other guest, criminal defense attorney Eric Guster, who says,

Now, you can’t, hold on, you can’t just say Middle Eastern guys. That’s inappropriate, that is racially profiling, because they’re Middle Eastern.

That comment brings Dietl back to his facial hair idea:

But why, what do you think they look like — they grow the facial hair, and you know it for yourself, the ISIS guys cannot shave the beard.

But these terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers, were Muslims, and they didn’t have beards. (OK, Tamerlan did off and on, but that still destroys Dietl’s idea that Muslim terrorists are always going to have beards.)

via Criminal Minds Wikia

via Criminal Minds Wikia

And this terrorist, who isn’t Muslim, does:

via Business Insider/Colorado Springs Police Dept.

via Business Insider/Colorado Springs Police Dept.

And then there are those Amish guys. They can’t shave their beards, either. We had better keep an eye on them!

Maybe Bo Dietl should ask to get his job back as a spokesman for Arby’s, because when you look at him, you realize that he may not be an expert on terrorism, but he looks like he knows a lot about food.

Here’s the video, via Fox Business:

Featured image via Fox Business screen capture

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