Entitled Frat Brat Busted Degrading ‘Minimum Wage F*ggot’ Uber Driver Is In Big Trouble (VIDEO)

Jake Crowman is the son of a New York City landlord worth millions. He’ll probably never work a day in his life. Instead, by his own admission in this absolutely disgusting video, he’ll be sitting on his ass watching TV while those people with jobs earn their own living. It’s not entirely Jake’s fault. His father, Steven Croman, has been under investigation since 2014 for using illegal tactics to evict people from their rent-controlled apartments. That certainly doesn’t excuse the young Croman’s behavior, but it does explain a lot: douchebaggery has always been considered genetic.

The victim of Jake and his frat buddies is an Uber driver named Arthur who says Croman calls him from different accounts just to harass him. This time, Arthur came equipped with a camera and captured the entitled little brat in all his glory degrading him for having a job and screaming homophobic garbage in public.

Unfortunately for the youngster, the video went viral and now the University of Michigan, the local police and his fraternity are all investigating. Croman claims the video shows a one-sided argument with a driver who refused to pick him up because of his religion. It’s a good cover story but unfortunately, he has nothing to back it up. The driver, on the other hand, has this:

Featured image from screen capture


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