Elizabeth Warren Opens A Can Of Whoop A** On GOP To Defend Coal Miner’s Pensions, Healthcare

Elizabeth Warren unleashed her fury on Republicans who want to strip coal miners of their pensions and health care on Friday, as only she can.

Republican senators just don’t want to pay for these things anymore, so the heck with the people who worked their whole lives to earn these benefits and depend on them.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has offered up an amendment to the chief funding bill that would provide temporary assistance to keep these programs in place until April 28 when another budget vote will take place. Manchin’s plan would revitalize the United Mine Workers’ health and pension system, but Republicans have labeled the plan a “bailout.”

Nevermind that 16,000 retired coal miners and their families will lose their pensions and health care. They just don’t care

Warren, to put it mildly, is pissed. She launched into a scathing tirade on Friday, blasting the Republicans who are so eager to destroy the lives of the very same people who voted them into office.

“We benefited from the work of the coal miners. And we made a deal to keep these men in the mines. And now we must honor the commitments we made,” declared the Massachusetts senator.

“Congress is on the verge of turning out the lights and going home for the rest of the year. But 100,000 coal miners face a reckoning,” Warren continued. “If Congress does not act, more than 16,000 miner workers will lose their health insurance by the end of this month. Another 2,500 coal miners will lose their coverage by March. By July, another 4,000 miners will be without insurance. And on, and on, and on.”

“This is not right,” she declared.

Warren pointed out that because of the increased health risks miners face due to the type of work they did, losing health insurance is especially devastating. She explained that because the miners understood these risks, they fought even harder for the benefits they earned and paid for.

Just like always, Democrats are on the front lines fighting for the little guy. Breaking their backs for the working class. Battling day in and day out for the very same people who vote against their own interests and support the Republicans who screw them time and time again.

Watch Elizabeth Warren open up a can of whoop a** on Senate Republicans for trying to swindle coal miners out of what they worked their whole lives for, here:

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