More disturbing, racist news out of America’s nut sack, Florida. Author and former employee of both TIME and People, Sophronia Scott, posted the following message on Facebook around 4 p.m., Tuesday and it is already going viral, stacking up nearly 3,000 shares, over 1,500 comments and roughly 1,200 likes in just under a day.

My brother who lives in Florida has been away visiting our mother. This is what happened to his house while he was gone. My brother is a veteran who lives with pain daily because of the severe injuries he sustained in service to our country. I’m stunned and saddened he now has to suffer another kind of pain on top of that. You are my friends and you know me–I am slow, extremely slow, to anger. I am angry. I post this because it’s important to know this is going on. And it happens to people you know.


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Scott’s brother isn’t the only incident, either. Far from it, actually, in the tiny, “hidden” community of Pinellas Park. According to local authorities, the tiny, quiet neighborhood has been riddled with as many as seven cases of such vandalism lately and police believe they are all connected.

Out of the seven incidents of vandalism, four had overt racist statements in them, many of which targeted black residents and property, as well. The latest attack, against Scott’s disabled veteran brother who was injured in explosion serving in Iraq a few years ago, occurred as recently as Monday night.

As the picture in Scott’s Facebook post above shows, the crude, hateful message-spray painted across this black, disabled veteran’s house, located in the Ciega Village subdivision, reads, misspellings and all:


As Scott states, her brother is currently out of town visiting their mother, though he did, apparently, give permission to the city to paint over the hate speech vandalism prominently marring his home. Interestingly, Scott’s brother’s neighbors feel differently. At least one of them would like to see the message stay right where it is, at least for a little while. Check out the local Fox News coverage below to see why:

The same neighbor who would like to see the graffiti stay for a little while has been a target of similar hate vandalism, himself, being black as well and he lives right next door to Scott’s brother. He’s been vandalized twice! since May alone. “KKK” was spray-painted numerous times across his cherry, restored 1964 Impala. Weeks later, another car at his home was simply spray-painted with random lines, marring the paint job.

And just one week before Scott’s brother’s home was vandalized, another vehicle in the neighborhood was spray-painted with “IMPEACH OBAMA STUPID N*GGER.” That home is only three blocks away from the others, though the owner of that vehicle happened to be a white man. It is unclear if he was just a random target, or targeted for being an alleged Obama supporter.

As the Fox News report in the video above says, these are felony-level vandalisms, and the fact that racist hate speech is incorporated into several of them only ups the charges for the vandal(s).

Most likely, this is just the handiwork of an impressionable kid or two who live right in that community, but it highlights severely the manner in which racism is spread and continues to grow. Racism is taught and kids pick it up from the adults around them in their lives before they have enough critical thinking skills to sort the hateful bullshit from the reality. Hell, most kids are too young and sheltered to even know about the larger realities and dynamics in the world, let alone able to navigate it all with savvy critical thinking skills. They’re infected with racism before they even have a fighting chance to recognize it for what it is – complete and utter garbage.

What is it going to take for white America to recognize that racism is alive and well in this country?

This is why #BlackLivesMatter, #HandsUpDontShoot, #ICantBreathe and so many other movements yet to come or currently developing are so crucial and important, because the answer is, white America will never see it and admit it, which means it will never take steps to remedy the injustice and problem it creates for our entire society. Therefore, disruption is not only necessary, it must be increased, and it needs to be understood that self-defense is not violence, it’s a preservation of everyone’s inalienable right to life, safety and even the pursuit of happiness.

Solidarity to those in the daily struggle for justice everywhere.

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