She Took A Selfie Every Day For A Year: The End Is Heartbreaking (VIDEO)

A video is circulating around the internet that is sure to make you stop and think. In the video, a young woman takes a selfie every day for a year and we watch a dramatic and disturbing transformation.

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The pictures all start out happy and normal, typical selfies from a young woman, but suddenly you start to see bruises. By the end of the video her right eye is swollen and the rest of her face bloody, and you begin to realize she is a victim of domestic violence. She’s holding a sign that says:

“Help me, I don’t know if I got until tomorrow.”

The video was produced by a Serbian television and radio broadcaster, B92, with the hopes of bringing awareness to domestic violence in the country, but it definitely is a message that we can relate to in America as well.

In our country alone, 4, 774,000 woman are victims of domestic violence every year. Between 2001-2012 11,776 women were murdered by an ex-partner; that’s nearly double the number (6,488) of military members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the same time period.

Yeah that’s right, nearly double the number of lives lost in two wars. That’s insane!

Domestic violence is an insidious problem and one that is often times difficult to detect. What’s more is that it is an extremely hard situation to free yourself from if you are a victim.

If you’ve never experienced it, it’s easy to say,”Oh, I would never put up with that!” Because every single person of domestic violence probably thought the same thing before it happened to them. The only thing just as painful as the physical ramifications of it, are the feelings of desperation and shame.

Domestic violence crosses all color lines and economic statuses. It affects young people and older people. It leaves children without parents and a multitude of mental health issues later on. It is horrific.

This video was an outstanding way to bring awareness to a problem that runs rampant globally. B92 deserves a round of applause and a big thank you.

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