Disgusting New Video Shows Interrogation Of John Crawford’s Girlfriend By Police (VIDEO)

The detective accused Crawford’s girlfriend of being on drugs, lying to them.

In August this year, police in Ohio received a 911 call that a black man was inside Walmart waving a gun around and pointing it at shoppers. The call to 911 was later found to be a prank, the black man, John Crawford, was just a shopper picking up an air rifle for his son. It’s important to know that open-carry is legal in the state of Ohio.

A video shows Crawford shopping and talking on the phone with his girlfriend who was outside the store in the parking lot and using the toy gun as a cane, completely unaware that police were running through the front door with their weapons drawn. Surveillance video shows the police come around the corner and order Crawford to drop his weapon, and as he does the police open fire and kill the young father.

There was no indictment for these officers.

Even more disturbing is a new video released on The Guardian’s website showing the interrogation of Crawford’s girlfriend, Tasha Thomas who tearfully tried to tell cops that Crawford didn’t own any guns and had no intention of committing a crime.

The detective interrogating Thomas seems intent on finding a reason to justify Crawford’s murder, even if it meant accusing the grieving woman of lying and taking drugs to try to find anything they could use against Crawford to cast their officers in a better light.

Thomas was interrogated by Detective Rodney Curd, who very intensely grilled the poor young lady, as if she were a co-conspirator in a crime that was never committed.

Detective Curd opened the interrogation, saying:

We’re investigating a very serious incident, you lie to me, and you might be on your way to jail.

The interrogation continued with Thomas swearing up and down she never knew anything, yet Det. Curd kept on asking:

Det. Curd: Where did he get the gun?

Thomas: Sir, I don’t know. I swear to God. Sir, I swear to God, I don’t know. On everything I love. You can give me a lie detector and everything I swear to God.

For 90 minutes, Det. Curd repeatedly accused Thomas of lying, when she said she had no idea where the gun came from, and that Crawford had never said anything about bringing a firearm into the store.

At the end of the interview, Det. Curd asks Thomas if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, saying:

Your eyes are kind of messed up looking and you seem a little lethargic at times, and I don’t know if it’s because you’re upset or not. I just want to make sure what’s going on.

In the investigation to come, everything Thomas said was proven to be true, but it raises the question why a person so close to the victim would be treated in this manner so soon after the shooting?

Here’s a clip from the interrogation:

H/T: CNN | Photo: YouTube (Screenshot)

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