Disgruntled FOX ‘News’ Employee Kills Himself In Front Of National HQ After ‘Being Bullied’ (VIDEO)

Phillip Perea says he has become a “martyr” against corporate bullying in his final video.

A man shot and killed himself  in front of the Fox “News” headquarters, in Manhattan, a little after 9 a.m. today.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital and pronounce dead from two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the chest. A suicide note was found with him.

It was discovered that the distraught man, Phillip Perea, was a former employee of an affiliate Fox station in Austin, Texas. He claimed he was fired for “dubious” reasons and was bullied by Fox “News” prior to being let go.

The former promotions producer left behind several videos on YouTube detailing his experience in a series called: “The American Workplace Bully.”

Perea was at the Rockefeller Center handing out fliers about his former employers before the incident.

In Perea’s first video, he said:

No American worker should ever have to suffer the indignity of having his or her name dragged through the mud in the interests of a company that is self-interested and unconcerned for the truth.

Perea admitted in his own videos to being diagnosed with OCD and ADHD, and this, in part, caused problems with his superiors that caused him to be written up several times. He felt attacked over trivial things and felt like he was being treated unfairly. He obsessively recorded conversations with his superiors and members of the human resources department.

Ultimately, he was let go in early 2014 for his aggressive behavior towards employees and for bringing in outsider copy, which he used to try to set his superior up — another woman he claimed was passive-aggressively bullying him. Perea felt his other bosses were above investigation and that his story wasn’t being listened to, and that Fox “News” had no real reason to fire him.

His final tweet on his Twitter account left only a link to his last video:

His social media accounts left no hint as to what would come today, but his final video in his series told all.

Saying that Fox “News” had left him “no choice,” and that “a righteous cause deserves a martyr,” and that without any means to live on Perea was at the end of his rope, he asked that American workers fight against corporate bullying. Perea also made further demands from the news company. He said:

As for Fox, I will remind them that they created their own Karma. Despite giving Fox opportunity after opportunity to rectify the situation, they arrogantly opted to waving their dismissive hand every time. I’m sure they regret that decision now. That said, I will allow Fox one final chance to make this right, and no Fox, your thoughts and prayers are not enough. This time you also have to make this right in the eyes of the public.

Watch the video here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1o3wbE5KTY]

As of now, Fox “News” has made no mention of the incident on their social media or website.

H/T: The Raw Story | Photo: Pixabay

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