Delusional Fox Host Thinks Imaginary U.S. ‘War On Christians’ Will Lead To Genocide…Or Something (VIDEO)

Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke about Christian persecution around the world on her show Saturday night. Christians are under serious attack in the Middle East, which she calls “The Cradle of Christianity,” at the hands of “Muslim jihadists.” But as she lamented our limited actions against the Islamic State (IS), she also implied that the solution for Christians there (and to protect Christians here) is to establish Christianity here. Embrace it. Toss out freedom of religion for everyone but Christians. And, of course, bomb the Middle East back to the Stone Age.

Pirro’s diatribe rambled quite a bit, but she’s angry at Pope Francis for focusing more on Central American children fleeing violence in their home countries to come to the U.S., and for wanting a dialogue between Muslims and Christians about the slaughter going on. She’s upset at President Obama for failing at religious freedom; and at the world for just looking on. She said:

So why does it feel like we’re moving in the direction of our First Amendment rights being subjugated to the religions of others? When our president says an American should be prosecuted for exercising his First Amendment by making a video perceived as negative about Islam, when the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that we need to understand and empathize with our enemies, we are on a downward spiral.

Our First Amendment, free speech, and freedom of religion are taking a backseat to an insane and brutal political correctness. This is a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and freedom of religion. Muslim law requires that Christians and Jews are second-class citizens. There have even been attempts in some states to pass laws requiring the imposition of Sharia law. And in response to this act for America has fought to stop this Sharia attempt by requiring American laws for American courts. The imposition of Sharia law in this country would be a death knell to our democracy.

So why do we stand by and watch the genocide of Christians in the Middle East? It’s history repeating itself. But remember, it is to our detriment this time.

We haven’t turned a blind eye to Middle East. We have bombed IS, but according to Reuters, this was the response from an IS fighter:

The planes attack positions they think are strategic, but this is not how we operate. We are trained for guerrilla street war. God is with us and our promise is heaven. When we are promised heaven, do you think death will stop us?

That attitude limits what we can do to them that doesn’t involve bombing the entire Middle East back to the Stone Age. It was our problem with Al Qaeda, and is our problem with IS. We’re neither trained nor equipped to fight these terrorists on their level and it’s a mistake to keep treating this like a conventional war.

Pirro not only doesn’t understand that at all, she sounds like she’s saying that we need to actually establish Christianity here so that we can send some type of message to Muslim terrorists that we will not stand for Christian genocide. That’s against our own laws, but hey, since it’s Christianity and we’re a “Christian nation,”  it’s all good.

As far as prosecuting someone for making a video that portrays Islam in a negative light, the video she’s referring to is the one that many blame for the Benghazi attack in 2012. The producer of the video, Mark Basseley Youssef, was not prosecuted for the content of the video, but for defrauding those involved in the making of the video. His transgressions include lying to members of the cast about what he was filming, dubbing over their dialogue, and placing them in danger without their foreknowledge and consent. Huge difference there; fraud in any form is illegal. It’s not protected by the First Amendment.

Pirro, and people like her, are a huge part of the problem because they not only don’t understand what’s going on, they refuse to even try to understand. They whine about Christian persecution and say we need to do something before implying that we could make the world safer for Christians if we’d just shuck our own laws against establishing religion and embrace our so-called “Christian heritage.”

No, she didn’t say all of that. But she implied it. Others on the religious right imply it, too. And it’s a delusional way of thinking.

Watch her entire delusional diatribe below:


Featured image via screengrab from “Christians Under Attack,” on Fox News

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