Dear Ohio Bakery: No, You Aren’t Defending Anything – You Are Just A**holes (VIDEO)

In America, we have freedom of religion and all religions are supposed to be equal, but someone forgot to tell that to the owners of an Ohio bakery. The bakery in Springfield, OH, posted a sign that claims to be “politically incorrect,” and clearly indicates that if you are not a Christian not only is your business not welcome, you are also un-American.

The sign used is a rehashed and silly internet meme that they repurposed to suit their needs. It appears that their needs were to belittle anyone that does not worship their God, or support the government, in the exact same way that they do. Of course, they think they are defending their faith and fighting the so-called “War on Christmas,” which apparently manifests itself as red Starbucks cups and giving any form of respect to other Americans who aren’t exactly like them.

you aren't defending christmas, you're an asshole ohio sign detail

Let this be clear, they are perfectly within their rights to say this, even to post the sign – it is their business and this is America. Now, just in case you were labouring under the delusion that this sign is pro-America – it isn’t. These people claim to be defending Christmas and country as if they were one thing, but instead they are just being a**holes. Saying “Happy Holidays” isn’t hurting Christmas, it is simply acknowledging that this is America and you get to choose your religion here.

There are 38 different festivals or observances in the month of December, not just one, and 4,200 religions in the world. Yet, here we go again with the Christians, “ours is the only REAL December celebration, and NO I won’t respect yours!” Most of them manage to believe they are the ONLY one that is correct, which is part of the reason our Founding Fathers set up the separation of Church and State.

The silliness of “who’s God is really the best one” doesn’t belong here, and while I respect their right to worship in their way, sh*tting on other people’s religion because their own freedom of religion is just somehow “more valid” is not “POLITICALLY INCORRECT,” it is downright un-American.

Watch the news broadcast here:


Just in case you run into as many of these as I do:

not defending christmas

This says it quite nicely! Oh, and Happy Holidays!

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