Dashcam Footage Shows White Charleston Murderer Taken Into Custody Without Being Beaten Or Killed

Dylann Storm Roof was the most wanted man in the country. Using a .45 pistol, he had just shot and killed nine black people in a heinous hate crime while they prayed at an iconic church in Charleston. He was considered armed and dangerous.

When 911 calls started coming in to the Shelby, NC police, they immediately dispatched units to investigate whether the Hyundai with the rebel flag license plates was in fact the man the whole country wanted to see caught.

Police pulled Roof over, and according to reports, he was extremely cooperative.

His extremely cooperative nature may have been due to the pinkish hue to his skin and unmistakable bowl cut of a young white guy, which earned him a calm trip to the driver’s side window by a policeman without so much as a hand on his weapon.

Let’s face it. Had Dylann Roof been a black man accused of gunning down nine white people at a church…anywhere…he would have been riddled with bullets before his vehicle rolled to a complete stop.

That’s not to say the officers handled this wrong, it’s just a bit unnerving to watch this as opposed to oh, say, the Tamir Rice encounter, where the officer opened fire in four seconds flat.

Kudos to these cops for making such a peaceful and uneventful arrest so that Roof can stand trial for his crimes. Or should I say, kudos to Dylann Roof for being born white. Hope you enjoyed your Whopper.

Watch cops arrest Dylann Roof in the politest way possible, without beating, tazing, choking or killing him.

Featured image via screen capture

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