D.L. Hughley Destroyed Fox News’ Racism ON Fox News – And Megyn Kelly Just Couldn’t Handle It (VIDEO)

After Wednesday night’s Kelly File, Comedian D.L. Hughley probably shouldn’t be counting on any more invitations from Fox News in the near future, because the comedian managed to insult the entire network with one joke.

During the interview, Kelly and Hughley got into a shouting match concerning police racism as it related to the cases in Michigan and Louisiana, but they also reargued Ferguson, Missouri’s infamous case.

Hughley began the segment by taking a swipe at Fox News contributor former L.A. homicide detective Mark Fuhrman.

Fuhrman was in an earlier segment in which he questioned the credibility of Diamond Reynold, the girlfriend of the late Philando Castile.

Hughley told Kelly:

Thank You for having me. I didn’t know Mark Fuhrman was going to be here,” said Hughley.

Kelly asked, “What did you make of that? You were shaking your head.”

Hughley replied: I think that cops have a different perspective than us, and think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman who actually got in trouble for perjuring himself call somebody a liar. It’s ridiculous.

In 1996, Mark Fuhrman did plead guilty to felony perjury following the O.J. Simpson verdict. Fox News’ decided to hire the felon to serve as a forensic and crime expert.

During the interview, Kelly and Hughley argued over the presence of racism in the Castile and Alton Sterling shootings, prompting Hughley to sarcastically joke:

The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.

Kelly feigned indignation and chastised Hughley telling him, “You just insulted millions of people watching the show.” Hughley shot back:

And you know what? I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network. So we even. I could care less about people who insult me on a daily basis.

Toward the end of the segment, Kelly tried to shame Hughley stating:

It’s very dangerous when you get to the point where you paint an entire group with the same brush. Based on the bad actions of a few.

To which Hughley counterpunched, “That is amazing to hear on this network. It really is. It really is. Amazing to hear on this network.

Kelly, who didn’t seem to want to play anymore, cut the segment short by curtly “thanking” Hughley for his time.

Gee. Was it something he said? *shrug*

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