Racist Couple Verbally Assaults Black Teen And Her Mom: ‘My Ancestors Owned Your A** B*tch!’

Live Facebook video captured a disturbing scene as a white Texas couple inside a San Antonio restaurant hurled repulsive racist vitriol at a black teen and her family.

According to Media Takeout, the teenager was enjoying a meal with her family after church at Chester’s Chicken restaurant when what appears to be a misunderstanding between the teen, her sister, and a white couple led to an altercation at the soda fountain.

The teen returned to her table and began recording on Facebook Live as she explained the situation to her mother, after which the mother and the teenage daughter went to the couple’s table to discuss the matter.

However, things quickly escalated into a shouting match involving racial slurs and threats of violence. Here is a transcript of the altercation via Raw Story:

So, Facebook, this is what racist people look like,” the girl announces to her followers.

Both families tell each other to “shut the f*ck up” before the white man begins calling the black family “god damn n*ggers.”

“You’re a f*cking n*gger!” the white woman wails.

“This is what racism looks like!” the teen recording the video shouts back.

“F*ck you, honky!” one of the women in the black family exclaims.

“I can be a honky! I can be cracker too!” the white man yells.

“Take your n*gger ass back to Africa!” the white woman says.

“I was born right here in America!” one black woman points out.

“My ancestors owned your mother f*cking ass,” the young white woman squawks. “My ancestors owned your ass, bitch.”

The woman adds, “Black people don’t belong in America.”

“We’re monkeys, guys,” the teen explains to her Facebook followers as the white couple leaves. “That’s what they call us. They call us monkeys and n*ggers and nobody is paying attention. You know, I had to record it to let you all see. Because it’s real in San Antonio too. For everyone who thinks it’s not real, it’s real in San Antonio.”

“That’s the problem though,” she notes. “You can’t fight these people because that’s how you end up in jail.

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I really wish, I could be 100 percent on the side of this black family, but they did do several things wrong. Now this opinion is not going to be popular, but the black mother should not have allowed her teenage daughter to come along to confront the couple.

A child should never get themselves involved in a delicate conversation between two adult parties who don’t see eye to eye, it’s just not their place and children usually only help aggravate the situation. Going up to the table of two complete strangers with your cell phone recording while chanting, “you’re going to go viral,” is not how people peacefully resolve disputes.

The mother also probably would have been better served  by going to a restaurant manager and allowing him or her to mediate and discuss what happened.

Things started to escalate at the table when the mother made herself the first person to say “shut the f*ck up.” After she said that, things went downhill. Yes, the white couple was trashy, racist as hell, and there is no excuse for that behavior.

Neither party involved in this conflict was completely on the side of the angels. However, there is never a legitimate excuse for anyone to resort to blatant racist attacks, even if the other party provokes a shouting match. The white couple shouldn’t be expected to hold their temper any more than any of us would if provoked, but once again what they said was inexcusable under any circumstance.

Another thing to take into account is that Texas is an open carry state. Had that couple been armed this could have turned into a greater tragedy. It’s never smart to seek a verbal confrontation with a stranger, nor is it smart to teach your children to do the same.

Unfortunately, because the mother provoked the argument, there may not be any legal recourse available for the family to pursue. Hopefully, the internet will serve justice to these racist people and this video will find its way to people they hold themselves accountable to.

Featured image via video screenshot

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