Corrections Officer Charged With Sexually Assaulting 25 Female Inmates Will Serve ZERO Prison Time (VIDEO)

Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson, 54, was arrested and charged with 25 counts of sexual assault back in July of 2011.

Johnson, who is a former correctional officer at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Peewee Valley, was also slapped with 50 counts of official misconduct, one count of second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and one count of first-degree promoting contraband after Kentucky State Police investigators concluded that Johnson supplied drugs to the female inmates and then sexually assaulted them while he was on duty as a prison guard.

At a Shelby County courtroom on Monday,  Johnson was offered, and accepted, a plea deal on charges of sexual abuse, trafficking in a controlled substance and official misconduct and was sentenced to seven years of probation and ordered to attend a diversion program (whatever that means).

They must have some good damn lawyers down there in Kentucky, and some slippery loopholes from which to slide.  The bottom line is that this miscreant, who was charged with sexually abusing the very women he was supposed to protect, won’t spend one second behind bars.

There’s some “Red State” Kentucky justice for ya’! Yee haw!

Watch a report, courtesy of WLKY HERE:


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