Cop Who Shot 12-Year Kid WIth Toy Gun Refused To Give First Aid (VIDEO)

Not to jump on the crap on police bandwagon, but things just keep looking worse and worse for them. It now seems the two Cleveland Police officers who peeled up to a gazebo as though the Joker were in their sites, as opposed to a 12 year-old kid with a toy guy, wouldn’t provide Tamir Rice with first aid.

According to NewsChannel 5, a detective and FBI agent who were in the area responded to the call for help and were the ones to offer a dying Tamir first aid roughly three minutes and 49 seconds after he was brazenly shot by rookie Cleveland patrol officer Timothy Loehmann. And when NewsNet5 attempted to inquire why the officers that shot Tamir didn’t immediately start administering first aid, a spokesperson for the mayor of Cleveland provided no concrete answers.

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Dan Hill, a spokesperson for Mayor Frank Jackson, told NewsNet 5 that he wasn’t aware of the policy regarding when officers are required to provide medical assistance. That doesn’t quite add up when you consider that all officers are trained in CPR and therefore should perform it when on duty and necessary. In fact, NewsNet5 found out that many area officers do receive CPR training. A similar case happened in 2010 (only the cop who didn’t perform CPR didn’t just fatally shoot the person for having a freaking BB gun) in which an NYPD officer was let go for refusing to perform CPR on a dying child. The  incident even provoked a petition demanding justice for Briana Ojeda, the young girl who died from an asthma attack, and whom the NYPD officer refused CPR.

Also raising questions is the fact that Cleveland officials did not sooner show a video of how the officers reacted after the shooting. The video only went public after the Rice family requested that it be. The two officers involved in the shooting are presently on administrative leave. Lately, it seems like killing unarmed kids and people is just a police excuse to get a nice paid vacation.

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