Conservatives Cry Over Mrs. Obama’s ‘Racially Divisive’ Speech, Call Her Racist Names (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama gave a commencement speech to the graduating class at Tuskegee University over the weekend, a historically black college. In what many are calling a truly powerful speech, the first lady stood in front of the podium and left it all out on the stage. She opened up about her inner-most feelings, and revealed struggles that she personally battled growing up, despite the criticism that has been continuously levied against her, and despite all her challenges.

And, yes, you guessed it — race was also a part of the speech. But, it’s an historically black college — one such college created, you know, because blacks weren’t allowed into white schools back in the day. They have a history, black colleges. This can’t be denied.

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So, what do angry white conservatives do? They took this small portion of her speech and immediately began crying “double standard,” shouting at the tops of their lungs that Michelle Obama is creating a “further racial divide in America.” But, “What about the white people?” they say.

Every conservative media outlet is accusing Michelle Obama of playing the race card now. Every one of their conservative readers are just dumbfounded by her speech. “We’re not racist!” they say. “How dare you, Michelle Obama!”

They madly took to the internet to voice their disbelief about the continued existence of racism in America, with you guessed it, more racist comments:


I know I’m shallow but how does anyone find her/she/it attractive?

Pic via The Blaze.

Pic via The Blaze.

Chris L. had this to say:

That creature looks like she just stepped off of a planet of the apes movie set.

This next racist comment was so badly written that we are including it as comical relief:

so blacks made white people be racist to them? If one of blacks problem is racism, then who started the problem bigot. your to high strung on your male feminine emotions to understand. go drown yourself in something chocolate ice cream, think oprahly.


Pic via You Tube.

Pic via You Tube.

Despite all the hate coming from the right, Michelle used the “race rhetoric” to give a truly positive message to the young crowd:

All of the chatter, the name-calling, the doubting, all of it was just noise. It did not define me, it didn’t change who I was, and most importantly, it couldn’t hold me back.

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama give one of the best speeches of her entire life: 

Featured image: via screen capture

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