Conservative Radio Host Says But For God, Fox News Guests ‘Should Be Hanged,’ ‘Throat Punched’ (AUDIO)

Fear God. Tell the truth. Make money.

Brings up a little something in the back of the throat, doesn’t it?

That’s part of KXNO conservative radio host Steve Deace’s banner on his website — Deace, who recently said he’d like to “throat punch” two legal experts who poked fun at Christian zealot Kim Davis’ attorney Mat Staver.

Deace was speaking with guest Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader, Wednesday, when he said:

As far as I’m concerned, all those people make me wanna puke. I’d throat-punch every last one of them if God let me. But he won’t. So I’ll pray for them, instead — against my own will.

“All these people” Deace is referring to in the statement above amounts to all of two people, actually– legal experts Sharon Liko and Chip Merlin, who made fun of Staver in an interview on Fox News with Gregg Jarrett last Monday. During the interview, Liko called Staver “ridiculously stupid” for doubting that the Supreme Court has the constitutional authority to make a national call on same-sex marriage.

Before Deace said he wanted to throat punch Liko and Merlin, though, he agreed to a much more horrible statement made by his guest Vander Plaats, who said:

They deserve to be hung. They deserve anything that they get.

To which Deace replied:

You talking about the people on the Fox News panel? I agree with that.

Deace also made a lame attempt at comparing Davis to figures from the American Revolution, like John Adams, for standing in contempt of the Supreme Court in her refusal to issue marriage licenses for couples of the same sex. He also refers to Davis as a “four-times married Democrat with all kinds of – out of wedlock, and kids in divorce” won over to the conservative side.

Her whole life’s changed around. Starts reading and following this stuff and she thinks, ‘Ya know, you guys are inspiring me. That really speaks to me. I’m gonna take that stand…’

Vander Plaats backed Deace up commending Davis, saying conservatives everywhere should be thanking their lucky stars for the Rowan County clerk because her actions have instigated a “discussion” on an issue the country as a whole has already come to a conclusive decision over – same-sex marriage. We’re for it, and the Supreme Court says it’s unconstitutional to deny it to couples based on religious discrimination.

Deace whines, however:

I’d rather live in a country where Melissa Harris-Perry and the entire editorial staff at MSNBC’s in charge than any of these people on Fox. At least then, the lines are drawn.

Ah, it’s good to see the Right cannibalizing its own as they fight to stay politically alive and relevant, even as they turn day by day into the political fossils they so obviously are.

Listen to the lunatic fringe, below:

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