Colbert’s ‘Hungry For Power Games’ Iowa Caucus Parody Will Have You Gasping For Breath (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert’s latest sketch brings the Iowa Caucuses solidly into the ranks of his hilarious political satire. Channeling the incredibly popular Hunger Games, Colbert honors the fallen tributes in the “bloodbath in Iowa’s cornucopia” as part of the “Hungry for Power Games,” visiting his sharpened tongue on both the winners and the losers of the Iowa Caucus.

With a flare for the dramatic that is only enhanced by the sketch theme, Colbert does not miss any of the opportunities to bring his satirical talents to bear — and we are all glad he did not. While the use of a toaster and photograph to convey an idea may seem to be a bit odd, when Colbert does it you are going to laugh, guaranteed. Covering the casualties of the Iowa Caucus has never been this fun.

Without further gilding of the Lilly, enjoy the video here, courtesy of YouTube.


Featured image via video screenshot

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