Chicago On The Verge Of Being Another Ferguson After Video Released (VIDEO)

A video that was shot over a year ago is just now being leaked to the media and Chicago could be on the verge of Ferguson-style riots or worse if the city doesn’t handle it.

The victim was 17-Year-old Laquan McDonald, who was reportedly walking down the street on October 20, 2014. Police say he was carrying a 4-inch knife and was behaving erratically. When McDonald allegedly refused to drop his knife, a cop shot him dead.

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The dashcam video, as per court order, will be released on Wednesday.

The Chicago police have been blocking the video’s release for a year, saying it could impede the investigation. While they might think they were preventing another Ferguson, MO, – the home of Michael Brown, who was unarmed and killed by a cop, who wasn’t even indicted – the cover up is far more likely to create one. From Fox 6 Now.

Chicago is on the tipping point,” the Rev. Roosevelt Watkins said, according to CNN affiliate WLS. “We could be just like Ferguson.

The video is apparently pretty horrible. McDonald was shot a number of times while his body palpitated. The attorney for the officer, whose name has not been released, gave us the right-wing talking point. He said McDonald punctured a tire on a police car. Sure, that’s illegal, but even if he did do that, it’s not a capital offense and cops are not judge, jury and executioner.

Fortunately, the officer will be charged with murder.

Here’s the video about the story, but be prepared for a tense day before Thanksgiving as the video of the shooting is released.

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