Caught On Tape: Three Baltimore Cops Charged With Theft For Looting During Riots (VIDEO)

Last month when thousands of people marched through the streets of Baltimore to protest the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, the media largely ignored the protests. They only began covering them when a small group of agitators started rioting and looting. After that group angrily lashed out, the media latched onto it and played the same video clips over and over again until we all thought the city was burning to the ground. While they played these clips, the narrative sounded like this: Baltimore thugs loot and riot after fellow thug, Freddie Gray, died in police custody. They may not have said those exact words, but if you watched the coverage that is definitely what you came away with.

Meanwhile, the media acted as if the Baltimore police were perfect examples of law enforcement officers. It didn’t matter that there was a long history of brutality within the department, or that they’ve paid millions in abuse lawsuits. They were saving the city from looting thugs, after all. Well, as it turns out, teenagers weren’t the only ones looting, three Baltimore officers were helping themselves too and it was caught on tape.

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Oh the sweet, sweet irony.

Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard, two correctional officers, were charged with looting a 7-Eleven store during the riots. Cobb and Richard were seen walking out of the store with Slim Jims and chips on the night the riots broke out. They face charges of theft and burglary and each have a $35,000 bail.

In a separate incident, Officer Maurice Lamar Jeffers, was caught stealing $3,000 during a sting operation at a hotel. Jeffers, a member of the fugitive task force, was supposed to secure a room so that Prince George’s County police could search it. When his partner left the room, Jeffers stole money that authorities left there.

An internal affairs officer who works with the FBI’s corruption task force began investigating Jeffers after a woman said $2,200 was stolen from her brother’s house after police searched it. Jeffers has been accused of theft three times since 2005.

It’s interesting that media portrayed the Baltimore community in such a horrible light, when the officers who are supposed to protect them are doing this kind of nonsense. So who are the real thugs? Teenagers or the Baltimore police?

Watch Cobb and Richard loot below:


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