Canadians See Your Pain This Election And Are Sending Messages Of Inspiration And Love (VIDEO)

This election season has been an ugly one. It has exposed so much of the wrong in our country that it’s almost difficult to push through those dark clouds to see what is actually right. Yes, we have many, many issues that need our attention and we have lots and lots and lots of room for improvement. Social change IS serious business.

However, we mustn’t lose sight of what we are fighting for. We cannot become so wrapped up in all of our fumbles that we disregard all the mileage we’ve already walked.

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Our neighbors in Canada have seen our broken hearts. They see our discouragement and pain as we navigate through this blurry mess. They know we are a bit worn out, a bit downtrodden – they see our sadness as headline after headline beats us down even further.

So, they are giving us a much-needed pep talk.

Playing off of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, a creative agency in Canada called The Garden put together an ad campaign to lift the spirits and ease some of the tensions of their neighbors south of the border. The #TellAmericaItsGreat website/hashtag was born. The website features user submitted videos of Canadians voicing their favorite things about America. The associated hashtag has also been trending on Twitter.

Here are just a few of the heartwarming posts from our kindhearted friends.

In response, Americans are now responding with #ThankYouCanada.

Yes, thank you! It’s kind of rough down here at the moment.

Watch Canada’s Tell America It’s Great campaign ad, here:


Image via video screen capture

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