Bush Has ‘No Regrets’ For Starting ‘Illegal’ War In Iraq Except For ISIS

Conservatives have a brilliant way of denying that the past has consequences in the present day. Even in the face of evidence, they can ramble on as they hold true to their tired narratives.

Whether it’s trying to convince the nation the economic collapse was Obama’s fault, or BENGHAZI!! was a conspiracy — these guys really know how to feign amnesia.

In an interview with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation,  Bush talked about his new book, 41, that he wrote about his father, George H.W. Bush’s presidency, and some of the things that happened in his own presidency.

When speaking about the Gulf War and the War in Iraq, the pretzel fan wrote:

 He was right, and I was right too.

Bush went on to brush aside any rumors that he invaded Iraq to finish his father’s war during his one-term presidency.

He felt he had real reasons for the invasion, though the declassified Rumsfeld memo shows that any old reason to attack would have done, even if it wasn’t true, all they had to do was make it stick.

Like the time when George W. said:

“The Iraqi regime . . . possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons. We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas.”

None of which were ever panned out, but the fart was already in the air, the proverbial can of worms was opened and the war lasted much longer than the few weeks that Dick Cheney had predicted.

George W. Bush takes no responsibility for the ISIS he helped create

Schieffer asked Bush if he had any regrets about Iraq — a war that has been unfavorable with the majority of the public since 2004.

Bush said:

“My regret is that a violent group of people [ISIS] has risen up again. This is Al Qaeda plus.”

He’s right — ISIS is better armored and better funded than the Al-Qaeda that George W. was contending with, but to defend his actions which led us here as something to be applauded, is utterly disturbing.

Bush is also trying to stir up support for his brother Jeb Bush to run in 2016 for presidency.

Jeb hasn’t decided as of yet if he will put in his bid and follow in his brother and father’s footsteps, but the forecast is looking darker by the day.

Bush said:

“He’s about 50/50…It’s a toss-up.”

Watch the interview here.

H/T: Common Dreams Photo: Tumblr

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