Bully Gets What’s Coming To Her After Mocking Girl’s Dead Baby Sister (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that violence is never the answer, but what if someone was making foul jokes about a deceased baby… and that baby happened to be your sister?

A girl defends her dead baby sister by beating the living daylights out of a bully who spoke ill of her. We all have been bullied at some point in our lives, but this girl delivers a painful life lesson to a classmate bully; do not ever speak poorly about a person’s deceased loved one.

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In the beginning of the video, the teenage girl grabs the bully, launches her across the floor, and completely destroys her. Immediately, the bully screams out “b*tch I get the point,” but the attacker continues to pound her fists into her face as she is being egged on by the people who are filming. According to Reddit, there are parts in this video where the person filming says, “kick her in the face” and  “make her bleed!”

Of course, like any peer pressured teenager, the girl responded to the requests being shouted and kicks the bully numerous times in the face. The entire two minutes of this video is excruciating to watch, and it seems as though the role of the bully is completely reversed. The point was definitely made from the beginning of the fight, but it continued to escalate due to the instigating from the bystanders. The bully asked the girl 3 times to stop, but it seemed like the more she asked, the more she received an ass whooping.

IJReview reported that both of the girls received  a ticket and were fined for the fight, and the bully ended up with a broken nose.

Many people on Reddit argued whether or not the girl striking the punches should receive assault charges. Others reached out to the teenager expressing their condolences, and believe that justice was definitely served. 

Below are comments JustTexasThings posted on Reddit describing the aftermath of the event.


Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts about the video, but in my opinion, this fight was complete overkill.

Watch the video below via LiveLeak. WARNING: Contains graphic language and content NSFW or around children.

H/T: LiveLeak | Image via screengrabs

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