Bully Cop Who Yanked 16-Year Old Girl From Desk, Slammed Her To The Ground FIRED After Investigation (VIDEO)

In a news conference Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that South Carolina School Resource Officer Ben Fields has been terminated of his position. Fields is the officer that made the choice to violently slam and drag a teen girl from her desk to remove her from the classroom.

Because, apparently these actions are far less disruptive than what was taking place prior to it? Right. Gotcha.

But, I digress.

Sheriff Leon opens his statement condemning the actions of Officer Fields sharing that the FBI has started a criminal investigation on the deputy. However, Lott also makes sure to point out that the ultimate blame for this incident rests on the teenager — even going as far to say that the teacher, a school administrator and a fellow student felt excessive force was not employed in the incident.

Umm, the last time I checked we don’t handle our children’s transgressions by throwing them across a room, ever. In fact, I dare say that these actions would normally prompt a child abuse investigation if a parent, caregiver or teacher employed them. So yes, excessive force seems like an appropriate term to be used for what took place in that classroom.

He then says his reasoning for termination was training related:

Deputy Fields did not follow proper training, did not follow proper procedure, when he threw the student across the room.

I’m thrilled that this officer is out of a job. It saddens me that anyone can say his actions were in any way justified. High school students are still kids. We may not want to believe it. We may want to think that they are just mini-adults walking around with the same reasoning and judgment as adults – but they aren’t.

Yes, teens are absolutely infuriating at times. Trust me, I know. I’m the mother of a teenager! Becoming violent with children, no matter the age, is not the actions of a controlled, responsible adult.

If you can’t handle the heat. Stay out of the kitchen. Fortunately, this is one school resource officer that is out of a job for his inappropriate actions of using excessive force.

Watch Sheriff Lott tell reporters, “He was not trained to throw a student” via Local News WISTV here:

wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina

Featured image via video screen capture

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