Brothers Facing Hate Crime Charges For Firing Racist Slurs And Pellet Gun At Black Teens (VIDEO)

As if it isn’t bad enough cops across America feel free to gun down our African-American brothers and sisters with little more than a second’s consideration, average white citizens are now taking it upon themselves to shoot black folks with pellet guns for the leisurely fun of target practice. Welcome to Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.

On April 29, 17-year-old Indya Davis was walking home from Grosse Pointe North High School with a few friends when they passed a home on Vernier Road. She said:

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We walked past this one house and these men, they like, shot a pellet gun from the top story of the house.

Davis claims the men also shouted hate speech and racial slurs at them. One of them also had a real gun. Davis stated:

A man came outside with a real gun by his side and he told us [expletive] to get off his lawn, but we weren’t on his lawn.

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Luckily, none of the teens were struck by any of the pellet fire, but they were quite shaken up over the matter – shaken enough to call police and file an official report.

Eventually, after several weeks of investigation, local authorities arrested Benjamin and Aaron Francis. Both are brothers in their 30s, now facing hate crime charges such as “ethnic intimidation,” not to mention felony firearms charges.

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While Davis and her family are happy the Francis brothers have been arrested and will be facing the consequences for their actions, that unfortunate example of American racism will stick with those teens the rest of their lives.

Just imagine the possibilities of what could possibly happen had the races been reversed.

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