Not Even A Broken Leg Can Stop A Foo Fighters Concert (VIDEO/IMAGE)

The Foo Fighters just gave a new definition to that old stage idiom of “break a leg” – and a literal one, at that. Because that’s exactly what happened to singer Dave Grohl early in a June 12 concert at Gothenburg, Sweden’s, Ullevi Stadium.

While playing “Monkey Wrench” as the show’s second song, Grohl accidentally fell off the stage after wandering too close to its edge. When stagehands and security rushed to help him, he requested a microphone so he could speak to the crowd. Still lying on the ground and in apparent pain, Grohl’s address to the thousands of attendees was featured on the projection screens.

I love you – but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg. So look – you have my promise right now that the Foo Fighters – we’re gonna come back and finish the show. […] I’m going to go to the hospital. I’m going to fix my leg. But I’m going to come back, and we’re going to play for you again!

But Grohl never left the stadium. The rest of the band tried to reorganize for a few cover songs, first with drummer Taylor Hawkins filling in on vocals for “Cold Day in the Sun.” When they began a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure,” Grohl had medics carry him back on stage, where he sat in one chair while his wrapped-up leg rested in another. He continued performing for another two hours, only once returning off-stage temporarily to have a cast applied to his broken limb.

Check out the video captured by attendee Fredrik Ericsson (NSFW due to language):

After the show, the band posted a photo of Grohl’s x-ray on Twitter:

ff tweet

The Foo Fighters did cancel the next two shows, apparently for needed rest and recovery, but the band resumes its world tour through Europe, the U.S., Canada and Asia on June 19.

The band and its music have been associated with such resilience and strength for quite a few years. For example, David Letterman attributed his successful recovery from quintuple bypass surgery in 2000 to the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong,” which the recently-retired host of CBS’ Late Night said gave him the spirit needed to survive.

Featured image by NME/Time, Inc. 

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