Boy Playing Harmless Game Of ‘Ding Dong Ditch’ Shot By Trigger-Happy Neighbor (VIDEO)

The threat is over friends! Have no fear any longer! A ‘responsible gun owner’ in Oklahoma has strategically taken out an enemy target. The “good guy with a gun just got him a bad guy”. . . oh wait.

Yeah, right. Like THAT happened.

Rather, a teenager and a couple of his friends were out in the neighborhood on New Year’s Eve playing a game many of us played at one time or another in our youth: Ding Dong Ditch. Never did we dream that playing such a game was as risky as Russian Roulette. Yet, that’s exactly what it was for this group friends – one of whom was shot and required surgery.

Police told reporters that the teens were pranking neighbors by ringing door bells and running away “early New Year’s Day” (1:30 a.m.) when the gun owner came out of his home and shot at the teens. He struck 14-year-old Cole Peyton several times.

Peyton is a freshman in high school, an honor roll student and a football player and wrestler – clearly a threatening individual.

The boy’s mother says the kids rang the doorbell earlier in the evening and were shot while walking by again when making their way back home.

Tulsa’s NewsOn6 reports:

Peyton told his mom the man yelled, ‘Hey,’ then shot him in the back, to which he yelled to his friends, ‘Run!’

So far no arrest has been made. Police are investigating if the shooting was justified.

So, THIS is what it’s come to? Are we living in a world so full of frightened wimps that we can even for a second, place merit in the possible justification of shooting pranking teens in the back as they flee from our yards? Seriously?

Now the crotchety old neighbor yelling “get off my lawn” can shoot those pesky neighbor kids without ramification?

Just because someone annoys us does not mean we have a right to shoot at them. This man wasn’t fearing for his life. He was pissed off. He was annoyed. He was likely enraged from being pranked and was going to teach these teens a lesson. They were going to fear for their lives, dagnabit!

And, he was successful.

Reporters said they rang the shooters doorbell but he didn’t answer. I hope they were wearing their bulletproof vests.

Watch the news report via Tulsa’s NewsOn6: – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

Featured image via video screen capture

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