Boehner Pushes For Authorization Of Military Force Against Islamic State ASAP (VIDEO)

US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner stated Thursday that he anticipates President Obama looking for congressional authorization in the near future for military action against the Islamic State. While he was at it, he also pressed for urgency in lending solidarity to Jordan.

Boehner told reporters:

I’m expecting that there will be an authorization for the use of military force sent up here in the coming days. And we’re going to go through a rigorous set of hearings and continue to discuss it.

The Speaker added:

It is also going to be incumbent upon the president to go out there and make the case to the American people.

Boehner also said Obama should do whatever he can to help nudge Congress toward authorization of said force.

Legislators have been informed by congressional aides that they would likely be receiving the White House request sometime next week.

Reports state that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said the White House had been speaking with legislators regarding authorization of force that would last some three years. According to Pelosi, no decisions have yet been made regarding “geographic scope” of possible use of force, nor what types of limits troops on the frontlines might be put under should they go up against IS militants.

Leading the international coalition against ISIS as of late, the president also waged an air campaign in Iraq and Syria against IS only last August. That campaign was deemed legal by the Obama administration considering it had been essentially authorized by President George W. Bush during the bogus Iraq War.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest stated Thursday that the president would like a brand new resolution in order to underline the unity of America’s leaders around one, specific plan.

Earnest stated:

It is a matter, however, of the president’s desire to send a very clear signal to the people of this country, to our allies, and to our enemies that the United States of America and our political system is united behind the strategy.

The extra muscle in Boehner and the administration’s speech as of late likely comes partially as a result of IS militants burning a captured Jordanian pilot alive – filmed and broadcasted to the world.

Boehner stated:

Jordan is one of our staunchest allies in the region. There’s an awful lot of things already in the pipeline but speeding that process up through the bureaucracy would certainly help the Jordanians in a time of significant need. And I think, frankly, all of Congress would support it.

It is indeed a rare day when Boehner and the Obama administration even posture themselves on the same page, let alone aim to act in unity.

It seems the Islamic State has gone one barbaric killing too far in burning that Jordanian pilot alive, and now the nation hangs in the shadows of the likelihood of at least three more years of combat.

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