Black Man With His Hands Up Beaten, Charged With Resisting Arrest Over Two Slices Of Pizza (VIDEO)

In yet another absolutely sickening case of police brutality, a black man in New York City, accused of allegedly stealing two slices of pizza, is cornered by a cop in a convenience store. He puts his hands in the air and offers no resistance when another cop comes rushing in and starts beating him. The first cop gleefully joins in and before long there are a total of six tough guys there to make sure the dangerous pizza thief doesn’t get away.

Thomas Jennings, 24, was brutally beaten by officers Lenny Lutchman and Pierce Martinez. At one point, Jennings is seen offering Martinez his right hand to be cuffed while he’s being beaten by two cops, leaving him with a big cut over his eye. As obvious as it is that Jennings is cooperating, he’s still charged with resisting arrest, which should be named “cops covering their butts.”

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Seriously. When is this going to stop?

Watch this black man get beaten while his hands are up for allegedly stealing something to eat.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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