Black Man Raised By Whites Believed Skin Color Didn’t Matter Until This Happened (VIDEO)

Alex Landau was raised by his adoptive white parents in an obviously progressive home. He was taught that skin color didn’t matter, something he never had any reason to doubt. When he was pulled over by Denver police in 2009, that belief system changed, however, and the way Alex viewed the world he lives in will never be the same.

This heartbreaking story is told from Alex and his adoptive mother’s perspective, and it shows a powerful view of institutional racism. Conservatives love to use the defense that “cops beat and shoot black ‘thugs’ because they’re criminals who won’t comply.” Their ignorance to a much larger problem is staggering, and this video proves it.

Alex Landau did nothing wrong. He was beaten near death and had the muzzle of a gun to his head. Believing he was going to die, he lost consciousness, waking up to racial slurs and the laughter of police while his white friend sat handcuffed and unharmed just a few feet away, trying in vain to make them stop.

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Watch this young black man’s view of racism in America get a wake-up call when he’s pulled over for the first time:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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