Black Lives Matter Hit ‘The Man’ Hard: Protesters Shut Down Black Friday Shopping In Chicago (VIDEO)

Another day, another protest, right? Aren’t we living in some sad times when our youth and those that support justice, must take to the streets to demand accountability for adults who are paid to protect them-but shoot black kids instead?

Over the last year alone we have heard account after account of kids, teenagers, being gunned down by police officers who remain protected by that thin blue line. Officer Jason Van Dyke was no different. This officer pumped 16 shots into 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October of 2014. That was over a year ago! For all that time police have had the video that clearly shows this officer murdering a child, yet it took this long for his arrest to be made? It took this long for justice to even begin to be sought? Officer Van Dyke was permitted to stay on the job doing desk duty, and continue to receive a paycheck, even though all involved knew he had obviously murdered someone?

That’s unacceptable. How many more times must this happen to before we as a nation say enough is enough? How many more people must die before we start demanding accountability from these “authorities” that think it is well within their duty to murder citizens?

Protesters took to the streets in Chicago and shut down Michigan Avenue on Black Friday, an act that should grab the attention of many. They chanted “Stop the cover-up!” and “16 shots! 14 months!” while trying to bring attention to the fact that we are allowing officers of the law to shoot first and ask questions later, when it comes to interactions with black people.

Demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Chicago’s mayor, police commissioner and prosecutor during the Black Friday protest. Catholic Priest Rev. Michael Pfleger told CNN:

We’re tired of this police cover-up and the state’s attorney’s cover-up. People are mad here in Chicago.

However, despite calls from protesters for his resignation, Police Commissioner McCarthy told reporters Friday that he won’t resign.

I’ve never quit on anything in my life. What I will tell you is that the mayor has made it very clear that he has my back. And if people peel away the onion on what’s happening right now in the policing world, you’re going to find a police department that’s doing an exceptional job.

Apparently he defines “an exceptional job” as keeping a fellow officer safe and sound in his job for a year after he carelessly murdered a child.

Watch video of the demonstrations in Chicago here:


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